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Perde / Curtain


Thick curtains hinder our sight. Curtains at homes, curtains on the streets... Curtains may be illusions keeping us from seeing and curtains might just be a play of shadows.

Beklerken / Waiting

Director & Scriptwriter

Set in a village in Kastamonu, "Waiting" is the story of a father who is lying in his sickbed awaiting death, and a mother who is awaiting the arrival of her son to see his father, perhaps for the last time.

* 61st Berlin International Film Festival - Turkey Stand

* 64th Cannes International Film Festival- Turkey Stand

* 18th Int. Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, National Student Film Competition- Finalist

* 7th Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema - Finalist

* 22th Ankara International Film Festival - Finalist

* 7th International Short Film Festival Detmold - Demonstration 

* ODTÜ Film Festival - Demonstration 

* 10th !f İstanbul AFM International Independent Film Festival, !f Shorts - Demonstration  

* 6th Mountain Film Festival - Demonstration 


Emeğin Sesi

Director & Scriptwriter

* KısaKes Film Competition - Best Movie (2010)


Işığa Adım

Director & Scriptwriter

* Ankara Governor’s Office of National Education Short Film Competition - Best Movie (2009)

* 7th International Istanbul Children Film Festival - 2nd Prize (2009)

* International Teen Short Film Festival - “Removing Barriers Movement” NGO Prize (2010)

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